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When are you available?

Monday - 9am-12pm

Tuesday - 2pm-5pm

Wednesday - 9am-7pm

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday - CLOSED 

Sunday - 10am-2pm

note 24hours notice is required, although do check out my Twitter for last minute availability. excluding bank holidays and the festive period. This information will be noted on my twitter at the time. 


Do you do late nights?

I do, yes, with 24hrs notice, on Thursdays till 7pm


How much notice do you need?

I advise that you pre-book a day before, as i am very in demand and do get busy, 24 hours notice is required to better guarantee yourself a session with me. However do still email me, if I'm available i'll get back to you when im free, or check out my Twitter for any last minute availability.


How do I book a session with you?

1. Simply fill in the booking request form 


2. I will respond to your enquiry  when I am free, be patient


3. if accepted: you will be sent a reply containing tribute details, along with full details clarifying your session back to you.


4. Once tribute is received, you will receive a response which is your confirmation/receipt of the session booking all details including Skype invite or Whatsapp contact number will then be provided for you.

can't make a deposit by bank transfer?

If for whatever reason you can't make the bank transfer deposit, maybe due to discretion reasons an alternative way around this is you can sign up to my  OnlyFans & tip to pay in private messages, I will accept this method.  you will have to use your OnlyFans username as a reference, Please be aware this method incurrs an increase of 20% on top of the initial tribute. 


Will you hurt me mistress (RT ONLY)?

the simple answer to this is no, unless you inform me this is something you want to indulge in further. I tailor each and every domination session experience, so with that being said if you want to explore more severe (CP) domination or prefer more mild domination, then on your application you need to inform me. you are always provided with a 'safe word ' at the begining of the session - which is put in place for you to use should you need to.


im really nervous

Good, nerves are completely normal. 


can I shower (RT ONLY)?



Do you take novices?



are you discreet?

YES. i take my profession very seriously and fully respect my clients discretion this is fundamental to me. what goes on in session is between me and my sub - nothing is disclosed with anyone outside of that space. 

is the dungeon discreet (RT ONLY)?

yes, i only offer sessions at discreet dungeons as my clients discretion is paramount to me, as this would reflect on my reputation, be assured its very safe, secure and discreet. once booked in with me you will be sent Dungeon location details. 


will i see other slaves (RT & ONLINE)?

absolutely not. when you are entering the dungeon, and no and when you are leaving the dungeon.. the only time you would ever see another slave is in a session iv arranged on a mutual consensual basis, only. 


do you offer filming?

No. I no longer offer filming as an option in my sessions, or offer sessions to be filmed for private use. I like the session experience to have no distractions on my behalf and yours, so the experience is enjoyable for both parties. 


You look so angelic, what are you like?

Looks can be deceiving.  

Do you "switch"?

NO. Never. Don't insult me by even asking.

Can I choose what you wear?

You can suggest,  not demand. 


is parking available (RT ONLY)?

Yes, discreet and secure parking is available on the grounds.


What if I get lost (RT ONLY)?

Ring me on the number provided, and I will assist you.


How do i address you?

you call me 'mistress' or 'My superior' at all times

what do i bring with me?

yourself + remaining tribute and a gift from my list 


Mistress, will you contact me after the session?

NO, unless you initiate communication.  


Which Dungeon are you at (RT ONLY)?

I operate at very discreet Manchester dungeon's, which are fully equipped, discreet and offer private parking nearby.  Full instructions will be given once your session is confirmed.


Mistress I want to book a session on Sunday?

I require a minimum of a 2 hour session booking to come out of my busy schedule  and again  24 hrs notice with a 50% deposit made upfront.


What is the tribute Mistress?

All tribute details are available on the page booking request form to click the link for more information. Don't bother emailing Me to ask. when the information is provided, I will just ignore you. 


Do you offer Double Domm?

I can indeed work alongside other fellow mistresses

You will contact the Mistress you have in mind, to make contact with Me and we can then proceed from there. 


Do you offer outcalls Mistress?



If I need to cancel (rt only)?

If you need to cancel inform Me before 9:00am - the morning prior to the session, your deposit will be held, the dungeon will be informed and your session will be rescheduled around my next availability. If you cancel after the 9:00am cut off, unfortunately you will lose the deposit. I will allow one reschedule to be made within two weeks of the original being cancelled


Is the tribute negotiable Mistress?



Would you be interested in shared content?

Yes, I will always be interested in shared content this with professional photographers only please ensure you are able to send me your work to view firstly and your company details.

Can I buy your panties mistress?

Yes, enquire with me.


Do you offer sexual services?



Can I bring you a gift Mistress?

Of course, I adores gifts and it will certainly earn you some brownie points, and make your mistress very happy. I have exquisite taste so gifts received are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.  All my gifts and treats I adore are listed on my Wishlist page.

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