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Allow me to formally introduce myself I, Cobra Crush, an experienced dominatrix beautiful yet brutal, I adore nothing more than to dominate men, until the point of no return. My fascination with the BDSM world goes along way back, I have studied and perfected the art of domination and mastered my craft which is like no other. I have the unique ability to overpower my victim instantaneously having them uncontrollably weak at the knees, bowing down in utter admiration and awe to I, their superior goddess. You will have to sacrifice and prove to me your value. Admire me whilst I inflict unimaginable pain and misery upon you, your only option is to surrender, submit and give into my ownership of you.


The mythical psychological torture is instantly transparent, from the moment I lay my fierce eyes on you, you will know, that you are mine and no longer in control. The way I can break my victims from within and leave them quaking at the knees in fear is spellbinding, showcasing my supremacy.


Left broken and jaded with nothing but an overwhelming feeling of empty inferiority. My perfect hourglass body stands tall over you, looking up at my angelic mask and long glossy hair, lurks my sadistic fierce devilish aura. willing to do anything for me, as I pull your strings like a little puppet. Knowing your only purpose is to serve and admire something greater than your entire existence, is your only  purpose and you must endeavour until my satisfaction has been met, and know my standards are very high indeed maybe it’ll take extreme torment or brutal corporal punishment?  


You will know my satisfaction has been met when you see the smugness on my face, right at the moment I have you at your very weakest, clinging onto my PVC boots in utter mercy seeking the slightest ounce of empathy, you will never find.




Star Sign: Libra

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 10.5st

Dress Size: 10-12

Body Type: Slim/Curvy

Breast Size: 36DD

Breast Enhanced: No

Waist: 29in

Hips: 44in

Shoe Size: 5 (38 eu)

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