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welcome, I am Cobra Crush a goddess to the inferior, the finest, most
beautiful dominia of stature and class. Sadistically sensual, I am the mistress of your fetish fantasies. your duty as my slave is to worship, honour and desire me. you must consistently prove your worth to me, be sure to remember at all times - I am your challenge to impress and impress me, you will.


Beautiful, Dominant and Powerful show me your devotion, earn my attention.


Think you have what it takes to be mentally and physically pushed to your limits? My strict yet sensual web of torment is not for the faint-hearted, my humiliation will drain every last ounce of your being. Feel my unquestionable overbearing force of seductive yet sadistic torture. Looking up at my displeased yet beautiful icy glances. Do you Dare to enter my twisted labyrinth of pleasure and pain, a playground of fun, fantasy erotica and kink.


My style ranges from mild domination to severe horrifying humiliation. If you are deserving of me - I will make sure you are receiving the strictest and highest standard of domination. You shall honour and obey me WEAK at the knees entranced vying for my attention and ultimately WILLING to serve Me, your QUEEN.


Surrender and submit yourself to I, Cobra Crush your superior.

I Dare you to enter my lair and give in to being my plaything, I shall use and abuse every last inch of your mind, body, and soul for it will soon belong to me.



T he ultimate fem fatale
slaves honoured Servitude with Cobra Crush ...
"Mistress Cobra will captivate you with her spellbinding wicked fetish  play"


'Being a novice to BDSM I felt reassured immediately, and welcomed by a professional naturally dominant women goosebumps have never felt so intense and exciting"


"You're an angel to look at but in the session, your anything but, I loved every second of being under your reign"


"With beauty and elegance a mind-blowing talent of such a hot and cold mistress"


"Beautiful, captivating and my gosh powerful from head to toe"


"You took over my senses the moment you looked at me the way you did, powerful stuff"


"No control from the moment Cobra Crush came back in the room, stripped in more ways than one"


"Mistress told me she was not going to let me leave it scared me but thrilled me all at the same time because, I cannot tell apart reality from fantasy with mistress"


"Very impressed not only beautiful but intelligent and a superb Mistress"



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